Bikes for Humanity refers to a bicycle’s return to use, whether as a sale or a grant, as an adoption. It is our hope that each of our bicycles returned to circulation and will be ridden, valued, and maintained for years to come. A bicycle overhauled at Bikes for Humanity represents hours of work done either by volunteers and grantees. It represents hands-on education,  freedom and empowerment for its rider, and our mission in action. In addition to volunteers and donors who didn’t want didn’t want their unused bicycle to go to waste, we need you to adopt our lovingly overhauled bikes! Adopting a bicycle is statement that you value community, the environment, and yourself.

During the off season (starting in November, and ending whenever it gets nice in mid-Spring), we develop a large stock of refurbished bikes, and these 6 bikes represent 1/3 or so of our ready-ride bikes. Come by see what’s available or check out our as-is bikes to take home and refurbish or for us to fix up for you.

We size our bikes from the top of the seat tube to the middle of the bottom bracket, which we acknowledge is antiquated, but we hope you find helpful. You’ll have to test ride one to find which fits!


Tipsy Tetris

Yokota Tuolumne / 18" seat tube / 26” wheels / / new Kenda cross tires / 3x7 gearing / Biopace Chainrings / fenders / matching white Blackburn rack

adoption fee: $160



Bridgestone 200 Mixte / 27” wheels / new tires / 2 X 6 gearing
Adoption Fee: $180


The Living Tree

Bianchi Strada / 24” seat tube / 27” wheels / 1 x 7 gearing / Gatorskin tires / fenders / new bar wrap /

Adoption fee: $200


Purple Mountain Bike

Bianchi Nyala / 19” seat tube / 26” wheels / 3x8 gearing—new chain / fenders and rack

Adoption fee: $200


The Contender

Giant Contend / like new / hydraulic disc brakes / electronic shifting / check out the specs here!

Adoption fee: $1000



Schwinn vintage step thru cruiser / 26” wheels

Adoption fee: $120