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Member at Large Job Description

Bikes for Humanity’s Mission: Bikes for Humanity PDX (B4H) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public access to affordable and safe bicycles while empowering self-sufficiency in bicycle maintenance and commute throughout the Portland metropolitan region.

Purpose of the Board of Directors: The Board’s purpose is to serve the needs of the shop and programs, which serves the community through its own operations as well as external programs. The Board/Executive Director (ED) partnership is invaluable for the success of the organization in meeting community needs.

Specific Expectations of the Board:

  • Commit to identifying and breaking down barriers that exist in accessing our programs and activities, due to racial, economic, gender, and ability biases impacting the communities we serve.

  • Establish and maintain B4H within all legal, governmental, and financial guidelines. As per government policies, board members are financially and legally liable for the organization. 

  • Identify individual talents and skills needed to maintain an effective board and bring on new board members with needed talents and skills as board openings appear.

  • Set a Board-wide annual fundraising goal for B4H.

  • Annually and quarterly, review and set strategic goals for fundraising, programming, and board needs with the broader community in mind.

  • Partner with the ED. Policy and programs are implemented by the ED. If a policy or decision does not work for the shop or programs, the board will reevaluate.

Time commitment:

  • Attend monthly board meeting, typically lasting two to three hours.

  • Spend an average of 10 hours per month on board business, community outreach, program support, and fundraising efforts. 

Specific Expectations of Individual Board Members:

  • Support recruitment of the board when there are board openings.

  • Attend monthly board meetings. Establish weekly goals during board meetings and respond to Board President check-ins regarding your goals throughout the month.

  • Support fundraising for the organization by directly fundraising from donors, organizing fundraising events, applying for community grants, and other creative ideas.

  • Patience is valuable in our hyper-local, small non-profit. Community comes from slowing down the pace.

  • You must be available via email and phone. We have an active email group and you will be expected to participate.

  • When in the shop, we are shop volunteers; we do not have authority in that space greater than other volunteers present. Day-to-day operations are led by B4H’s ED.

  • Participate in decision making by voting on issues and sharing your experience and perspective. Decisions will be made by majority vote.

  • Agree to uphold the board norms of consideration:

    • Respect people’s perspectives by offering honest expression of opinions and inclusion of all views before taking action.

    • Respect people’s time by presenting well-researched ideas and avoiding off topic brainstorming.

    • Respect people’s work through thoughtful collaboration and constructive feedback.

Length of term: Three years total, including a trial period, which may be renewed pending approval.