It Was Awesome

By Michael C.

Additional commentary by the ghost in the machine.

“Today at Bikes For Humanity it was awesome because I got to do art, clean bikes and make new friends.” - Michael C. 12-yrs-old.

When Michael and his friends came in to B4H last week I asked if they would like to do artsy stuff or bike mechanic stuff (those are the technical terms, okay). Michael said artsy stuff, which is more my wheelhouse personally, so we spent a whirlwind of an hour trying to figure out if any screen-printing or other crafty stuff needed to be done. Michael ended up helping us update our white-board and wrote the above micro-blog-post. He made promises to come back when we were ready for him to show-off his screen-printing skills.


Image Description: A row of t-shirts with the B4HPDX Earth-inside-gear logo printed on them. The shirts are hanging off of bike handle-bars.

We have so many talented, creative, and collaborative community members like Michael here at B4H, and we’re always looking to add more! Whether you like the artsy stuff or mechanical stuff or the paperwork stuff, you’re welcome to come by. We always have things to do and the best part is having people to do it with.


Image Description: Image of B4HPDX Whiteboard. Text reads: To Do For Volunteers - Profiles, Lil’Schwinn. Won’t you be my neighbor shift, Blog Posts, Udate whiteboard, clean & organize, inventory w/ Darwin or Matt, Artsy + Craftsy stuff, Bike Maintenance-y stuff, Brainstorm New Projects!, Help keep me on task w/ Darwin (seriously, help me).